Competitive Lighting and Electrical
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World Class Services from Competitive Lighting & Electrical

CLE is a customer service-oriented, C-10 electrical contracting firm that offers customized solutions designed, specified, engineered and installed per each client’s electrical requirements and lighting needs. We operate a fully licensed, turnkey operation capable of providing solutions for all desired lighting and electrical upgrades.

Come see why we are the best in San Diego

Competitive Lighting and Electrical - Electrician Services

Electrical Services

We are a well established business with qualified C-10 journeyman electricians available to carry out commercial and industrial work. We always use the best suppliers in the Southern California area to ensure we get the best product at the best price available for your project.
Competitive Lighting and Electrical - Lighting and Signage

Lighting and Signage

Maintaining the lamps inside your signs is so important. Competitive Lighting Maintenance specializes in optimizing the performance of your sign's lighting system. Overall, our services will save you money and ensure that your signs remain consistently lit and attractive.
Competitive Lighting and Electrical - Energy Rebate Assistance

Energy Rebate Assessment

CLE will assess of your existing lighting equipment to find inefficiencies. We will prepare a proposal outlining recommended changes, potential savings, and other information. We can also help to qualify you for any utility or government incentives you mat take advantage of.