Competitive Lighting and Electrical

Licensed Electrical Services

Our electricians are licensed and accomplished tradesmen who are experts in commercial and industrial electrical services. We know that prospective clients have a choice of available electricians, so we have established an extensive and successful track record we seek to continue. Competitive Lighting & Electric can design all aspects of electrical and lighting systems in commercial/industrial facilities, including comprehensive, municipality-grade inspections. We complete preventative safety maintenance inspections and repair existing electrical infrastructures for interior and exterior applications, ultimately providing a highly customized, turnkey solution for Southern California clientele.

Whether clients are looking for controllable warehouse lighting upgrades, industrial lighting for power stations and manufacturing facilities, or security lighting for high-profile municipal buildings, CLE has the solution. With a plethora of lighting products and the professionals to install them, we offer the full range of commercial/ industrial electrical and lighting services as well as solutions that meet business-specific requirements, regardless of scope.

A sizable list of satisfied commercial, industrial and government clients, who continue to contract us for all of their electrical and lighting needs, is the result of ten-plus years of service in the Southern California commercial and industrial sectors. These clients know that CLE is committed to delivering impeccable work and completing projects on time and within budget.

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  • New Commercial / Industrial Building Electrical Systems
  • Service & Troubleshooting Expertise
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades & Rescheduling
  • Meter Pedestal Upgrades & Installation
  • Underground Electrical Fault Detection & Repair
  • Monthly Lighting Maintenance Programs
  • Light Pole & Utility Pole Inspections / Restorations / Installations
  • Electrical Sign Design & Installation
  • Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design & Specification (LED)
  • Lighting Controls (DALI, ZigBee, PLC)
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Commercial / Industrial Lighting Audits
    • Electrical Lighting Installations
    • Customized Commercial Interior & Exterior Lighting Maintenance
    • Municipality High-Reach Electrical Lighting Maintenance & SSL Upgrades

We are proud of our industry reputation that has been gained over the years based on our knowledge, professionalism, and workmanship. We are diligent in our ongoing efforts to educate our staff on the latest electrical and lighting developments, which ensures all jobs are designed and completed using the latest technology and very best components on the market.

> Warehouse and Factory Electrical

Whether your warehouse is set up purely for general storage or you need office setups, cold storage areas, or other more complex electrical work for production equipment and assembly lines, wes have the skill and expertise to ensure your job goes smoothly from start to finish. In addition to design and installation, Competitive Lighting and Electrical provides repair and maintenance as well as upgrade solutions to minimize costs and improve efficiency. Whatever your warehouse electrical needs are, we have you covered!

> Energy Management Systems

An EMS reduces energy use in buildings by monitoring conditions and controlling energy-consuming equipment. Frequently used for building loads such as lighting and space conditioning, an EMS is versatile enough to provide energy savings in process operations in manufacturing facilities. Control functions include everything from basic stop/start functions to more complex, chiller optimization routines.

> Below Ground Electrical

When it comes to installing underground wires and electrical equipment, safety and reliability are key. Improper installation methods can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Competitive Lighting and Electrical employs skilled electricians experienced in underground installations. Our electricians are fully licensed by the state and all local jurisdictions, ensuring that your electrical project will be installed to exact industry and code standards.

> Panel Upgrades and Replacement

When renovating or adding build out to commercial spaces, panel upgrades are often needed. Panel expansions and change outs can be necessary to accommodate increased load, comply with regulations, or replace faulty or obsolete equipment. Competitive Lighting and Electrical has years of experience in upgrading electrical panels to suit today’s higher power needs, while preserving the safety of the building’s occupants and the property itself.

> Energy Rebate Programs

Allow Competitive Lighting and Electrical to perform an on-site assessment of your existing lighting equipment to determine what efficiencies can be gained. We will prepare a proposal outlining recommended changes, the cost savings, and the length of the payback period (usually well under two years). Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll plan the installation around your company's work schedule. We will work with you to obtain incentives and/or financing programs that you may qualify for from the utility companies, which can aid to offset the cost of the installation (customer must meet qualifications set forth by utility).

> Code Compliance

Electric code violations pose potentially serious safety hazards and should be addressed quickly by a qualified electrician. Issues can pop up for a variety of reasons—old equipment, material damage, even a previous contractor performing the job improperly. Our team of licensed electricians posses a thorough understanding of electrical standards and can ensure full compliance quickly improving the safety and security of your building.