Competitive Lighting and Electrical

Lighting and Maintenance Services

Competitive Lighting & Electrical offers the most competitive rates with no two-hour minimum required. One of our C-10 electricians will diagnose and troubleshoot your electrical issues, and we will deliver custom and exacting specifications for proper code-compliant repairs.

Additionally, CLE offers customized exterior and interior lighting maintenance programs. These scheduled maintenance scopes are carefully designed per individual facility lighting requirements.

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  • C-10 Licensed Electricians
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting Fixtures Installed
  • Interior Lighting Maintenance
  • Interior Lighting Fixtures Installed
  • Pole Light Replacement
  • Pole Repairs
  • Pole Refurbishing and Installation
  • Sign Repair (Lamps / Ballasts / Wire / Sockets / Etc...)
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Group Re-Lamping
  • Exit or Emergency Lighting
  • Motion Sensor / Photocell
  • Bird Spikes
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Energy Rebates and Programs
  • Signage Installation
  • Monthly Maintenance Available

> Sign Maintenance

Signs are one of the oldest (and still most effective) forms of advertising. They continue to be a reliable visual cue and attention-getter. Smaller companies with limited advertising budgets rely almost completely on their signs to attract business. As such, maintaining the lamps inside your signs is of primary importance. Competitive Lighting & Electrical specializes in performance optimization, reliably maintaining your sign's lighting system. Our services are cost-effective and will ensure that your best form of advertising – your signs – remain both attractive and consistently lit.

> Light Poles

CLE can enhance performance and extend the service life of poles, support structures and other field amenities. Our services include pole inspection and/or restoration; remedial treatment to control decay; corrosion identification; and pole installation/repair. We also offer light pole maintenance service contracts so you never have to worry about scheduling light pole repair again.

> Commercial Lighting Services

CLE offers comprehensive commercial lighting service, both indoor and outdoor. Give us a call and we will quickly begin designing a package to meet your needs. We install and maintain a wide variety of brands and models that will help effectively illuminate any workspace.

> LED Light Conversion

Commercial buildings are power-hungry behemoths that can run thousands of dollars each month in utility bills. While lighting has long been a costly necessity, new LED technologies deliver better light quality at lower operating costs. Competitive Lighting & Electrical can replace and convert existing incandescent, halogen, and CFL systems to LED, improving efficiency and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

> Energy Rebate Programs

An on-site assessment of your existing lighting equipment will determine which efficiencies can be gained. We will prepare a proposal outlining recommended changes, projected savings, and duration of the payback period (usually well under two years), and we coordinate installation around our clients’ work schedule. We can assist with utility incentives and/or financing programs that can offset installation cost (customers must meet qualifications set forth by utility).

> Code Compliance

Electric code violations pose potentially serious safety hazards and should be addressed quickly by a qualified electrician. Issues can pop up for a variety of reasons—old equipment, material damage, even a previous contractor performing the job improperly. Our team of licensed electricians possesses a thorough understanding of electrical standards and will guarantee full compliance quickly, improving the safety and security of your building.